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Hungary, a Popular Destination for Medical & Beauty Tourism


More and more people are combining the fun of a well earned vacation, with much needed medical or beauty treatments. This is a money saver and has the added benefit of leaving you with cherished memories. Hence, medical and beauty tourism in Europe is becoming increasingly popular.

A common destination is Hungary. Well known for it’s very distinct and beautiful architecture, it has long been a destination for tourists wishing to partake of it’s rich historical heritage and culture. Hungary also has the largest thermal lake in all of Europe, Lake Heviz.. State of the art health care facilities and beauty rejuvenation centers, have made Hungary one of the top choices for travellers from all parts of the world. One of the first attractions for international tourists are the thermal spas, bath pools supplied naturally with warm soothing waters containing health improving minerals and salts. Cosmetic treatments are hugely popular, as many seek a safe and more affordable country for elective surgery. Basically every kind of beauty treatment is offered, from liposuction to face lift surgery and everything in between. As with most medical practitioners, a cosmetic surgeon must be board certified to practice, which demands rigorous training.Also attractive are the high quality health care available at a fraction of the cost in say, the United States. Other treatments offered include:

  • dermabrasion
  • chemical peels
  • radio frequency facials
  • tummy tucks
  • vericose vein surgery

Many visit this central European nation for dental work, especially cosmetic procedures. The trend started in the eighties when patients from Austria would visit clinics in Hungary for high quality dental work at a very affordable price. Mostly limited to border towns at the onset of this trend, the focus has now shifted to bigger, well known cities like Budapest. The huge popularity of dental specialists in this country is due to the application of highly sophisticated dental techniques, thorough and comprehensive dental training schools as well as strict enforcement of credential verification. Hungarian regulatory bodies are widely accepted as being among the most demanding across the globe. Also, most clinics make use of the latest equipment and procedures in the their treatment. And coupled with many years of professional experience will assure the dental tourist that his experience will be a pleasant one.

If medical and beauty tourism in Europe sounds good to you, consider the beautiful country of Hungary. Low cost, high quality medical and beauty care is readily available, and you might make some time out for sightseeing. It is well worth it. On the other hand, just as beauty tourism is taking off, more and more individuals are also opting for at home beauty treatments like microdermabrasion and high frequency facial therapy. Take the specific example of radio or high frequency facials for example. It used to be that a session of this type of treatment cost upwards of a $100 when done in a beauty spa or at the dermatologist’s. Nowadays, at home DIY versions of this treatment is accessible via handheld devices. Other popular treatments that have been brought to the home include microdermabrasion and chemical peels. There are  a variety of chemical peels – the most popular ones include lactic acid

and glycolic acid peels. Compared to chemical peels conducted at spas and dermatologist offices, home chemical peels are typically milder. For example, while you may receive a 70% glycolic acid peel at your local spa, it is recommended not to use a solution that exceeds 50% when doing it yourself at home.

The last treatment we will cover is microdemabrasion. Nowadays, there are many handheld microdermabrasion devices and microdermabrasion machines that allow you to access this treatment without having to pay exorbitant prices at a spa or dermatologist office. Just like chemical peels, do  not expect home treatments to match the strength you receive at a professional office. Generally, home machines operate at about 70% or less of the strength of professional machines.

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