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Does Dermarolling Work & Which Microneedling Kits are the Best?

An Effective Anti-Aging Tool?

While it is true that everyone looks to live many years, the actual process of aging is dreaded around the world. But old age is not the only dreaded stage in life, puberty with all its awkward changes as acne and skin spots can be just as devastating while middle age has more than a fair share of troubles which manifest themselves in wrinkles and fine lines. And with appearance coming at such a premium these days, we are every day confronted by promotions touting all sorts of magical remedies for skin defects on mainstream media as well as online. After trying dozens of them with little to show for it, many people have given up altogether in their bid to reverse signs of aging and skin damage. However, there is a product that calls for more than just a second glance: the Derma Roller.

Derma What?

The derma roller (or microneedle) is an innovative skin care device designed to stimulate the production of collagen underneath the skin which rejuvenates the skin resulting a smooth, youthful appearance. The small , handheld devices are not so impressive when you look at them first. Indeed, the fact that they have a roller on which there are dozens of tiny microneedles can be intimidating especially for those who are queasy. Treating your skin with a microneedle is easy. All you need is to roll its microneedles over your face, tummy, thighs or other affected areas of the skin for about 10 minutes, all the while ensuring that you repeat the motion for about a dozen times over particular problem areas.

It is recommended that microneedling (the process of rolling the device on the skin) is carried out at night or when one is not required to appear in public. This is because often microneedling leads to puffiness or redness of the skin. Some users in fact experience mild bleeding. However, all these symptoms are temporary and will disappear within 6 to 10 hours.

Using the Derma Roller to Remove Acne Scars

One of the more popular applications of the microneedle is in eliminating scars left on the skin as a result of cystic acne. Even where other remedies have proved ineffective in getting rid of the redness and the and the unsightly scars resulting from an acute case of cystic acne, microneedling proves effective all the same. To begin with, the rolling stimulates the skin to produce collagen which then aids in the healing process and gradually the spots, scars and skin discoloration are no longer evident.

As is the case with other cosmic solutions for skin defects, patience is of essence when using the derma roller. However, some improvements on the skin such as a reduction in discoloration can be noted within days of beginning microneedling. There are no universal standards as it all depends on how acute the case of acne scarring is as well as the brand of microneedle used.

Microneedling and Stretch Mark Removal

While the effectiveness of derma rolling in the removal of acne scars has been well documented, not so much is known about the device’s effectiveness in getting rid of stretch marks. This is something of a mystery since so many women(and a significant number of men too) have to grapple with the problem of these unsightly body marks. As it is impossible to always keep the stretch marks hidden away under clothing all the time, their presence can cause a loss of self esteem for both men and women. However, with the rise of skin needling, this predicament needs not be a cause for concern anymore.

However, before anyone resorts to the use of rollers to treat stretch marks, there are few factors one needs to consider. To begin with, just about every user posting reviews on the effectiveness of the roller on stretch marks the device is good in making the stretched skin lighter but cannot remove the scarring entirely. As such, the remedy is only satisfactory for individuals with light skin. It is also worth considering that compared to fine lines and acne scarring, stretch marks take more time to develop and show on the skin.

Derma Rolling and Hair Regrowth

While it is true that fine lines and scarring are the aging issues which cause the most concern in women, for men it is hair loss that is more dreaded. Considering that the same principle of cell regeneration applies to healing scarred skin as in growth of hair, derma rolling has been tried and found marginally effective in treating premature hair loss. The efficacy of microneedling stems from the principle that it encourages the body to produce collagen which is crucial in the process in which the body grows hair. One needs to note that derma rolling on its own may not prove much of a solution though. For the best results, it makes sense to apply the process needs to be combined with application of a proven hair growth serum as a topical application. The microneedling helps the active ingredients in the topical application to penetrate deep and encourage growth of hair from the follicles.

Scientia Derma Roller

This specially designed microneedle is manufacture in the UK. It is effective for all the skin treatment solutions for which microneedles are famous for including:

  • Acne induced scars

  • Fine lines and wrinkles

  • Stretch marks

  • Cellulite

  • Hair loss

  • Hyper-pigmentation

First time users of this roller invariably report improved results compared to other treatment options they tried in the past. A good number of these users report considerable changes after just a single microneedling treatment. For others, it may take a couple of treatments before they observe any changes. Moreover, users have remarked on the effectiveness of the roller across all categories of skin problems. The most popular of the Scentia range is the one with the 192 1mm microneedles. The roller is safe enough to use even up to five times a week. For the best results, the manufacturers recommend the roller be used alongside certified anti-aging creams and facial serums.

According to  a select number of user reviews, applying more force than is called for can cause skin damage. However, for consistent users, any swelling or bleeding was minimal and disappeared within a matter of hours. Indeed, after careful scrutiny it is obvious that any worrying side effects did not result from poor design or ineffectiveness of the roller but rather as a result of poor usage by the consumers themselves.

The Verdict

Derma rollers represent an innovative approach to the treatment of skin defects. Despite their novelty, they have come to be widely accepted due to their effectiveness and convenience of use. Part of that popularity has also ridden on the fame garnered when these devices were featured on such TV programs as the Rachael Ray Show. While the wide range of applicability of microneedles is without question, people who bleed easily may need to forego their use. the same applies to those who have a low pain-tolerance threshold.

However, if a little pain is not a big deal, then the use of derma rollers is a highly recommended skin defect remedy. It is a solution which is certain to deliver marked results for problems like acne-induced scarring, fine lines and hyper-pigmentation. For the best results, users are advised to microneedle regularly and also apply topical anti-aging creams and serums. If you still need further information on how to find the best dermarollers,’s review of dermarollers is a resource you might want to check out.

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